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Why You Want To Prioritise Your Hydration

We all know that we need to drink more water - right? But as with any generic health advice, knowing that we should often isn't enough.

Instead of just telling you to chug some water, let's look at the specific reasons why you want to focus on staying hydrated.

8 Reasons To Prioritise Your Hydration Every Day

For your brain function

Want to stay focused and productive all day long? You can't do it without adequate hydration.

Water accounts for about 75% of the brain's mass, so it's no surprise that we need enough water for a focused mind. Even 1% dehydration can start to impact on brain function.

One study found that drinking 500ml of water in the morning is the optimal dose to boost your cognition, memory, energy levels and mood. This is because it likely rehydrates the body sufficiently after a long, dehydrating sleep. So go ahead and grab a big glass of water if you want to start your day off right!

For your energy levels

Feeling sleepy or sluggish? A big glass of water may be just what the naturopath ordered!

Water is needed for countless chemical reactions throughout the body that support energy levels and nervous system activity. When you're dehydrated, it can make you less alert and more fatigued.

For your satiety levels

Do you find yourself eating until you feel sick? Or are you just constantly snacking throughout the day?

Drinking water before your meals might help to curb your appetite and keep you feeling more satiated. Studies have found drinking around 500ml shortly before your meal can reduce your caloric intake by 13%.

To nourish your cells

For smooth digestion

Want everything to pass smoothly through the gut and out the other end? There are a few aspects to a happy, comfortable poo - but water is one that is often forgotten about.

Water is a key ingredient in your stools. Without enough water to add to your stools, they will become dry, small and hard to pass. Constipation can also lead to other gut health concerns.

So if you're not passing number 2s at least daily, or they are difficult to pass, it's time to drink some more water!

For optimal detoxification

Now let's just make something clear first. Yes, your liver and kidneys and other organs do a great job of detoxifying you - if they have the right conditions. But one of those key conditions is enough water.

Phase 2 detoxification is all about making nasties in the body water-soluble. But guess what? If you don't have enough water to dissolve those toxins and remove them through the kidneys and bowels, they hang around in the body.

If you're not going to the toilet regularly, your body isn't eliminating these problematic substances as efficiently as you need. This can lead to inflammation and an extra burden on the liver.

If you want your liver to do its job, make sure you're providing it with the right tools. That includes plenty of fresh, filtered water.

For happy, healthy skin

Who doesn't want beautiful, clear and healthy skin? Healthy skin relies on good nutrition, detoxification and hydration. And all of those factors require a good amount of water.

Remember - your skin is not a surface concern. It's a reflection of what is going on inside the body. So if your skin is off-balance, something inside needs a little extra TLC!

For a good night of sleep

Not getting a decent sleep? You might benefit from some strategic hydration.

Dehydration can increase your risk of symptoms that interfere with sleep such as leg cramps, dry throat and snoring. Sleep is when your body is hard at work with tasks such as detoxification, which also requires a good amount of water.

If you are a mouth breather or snorer, you'll become more dehydrated overnight than someone who isn't. This is where drinking first thing in the morning is important to set you up for a good day!

Make sure you don't preload with too much water before bedtime - otherwise, you might find nature's call waking you in the middle of the night! Instead, pace your water intake throughout the day, and keep to 1-2 glasses of water about an hour before bed.

Are you looking to boost the benefits of your water?

I personally use and recommend Zazen Alkaline Water Systems.

Zazen is designed to filter out chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria and other lurking nasties while retaining beneficial minerals our bodies need to thrive.

Want to learn more about this system, or purchase one for yourself? Head to the shop page here.


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