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Why Cleanse? 10 Reasons To Give Your Body Some TLC

When is a cleanse beneficial? Why should I do a cleanse? Is a cleanse really necessary, or is it just a scam?⁠

As a naturopath, I know that the body has its own detoxification pathways. But I also know that our modern diet, lifestyle and stresses can impair these essential processes. ⁠

A cleanse is one way you can give your body a chance to get back on track. It's not about deprivation or dozens of 'detox pills' - it's about rebooting your healthy habits and giving your body the tools it needs to self-heal.⁠

But how do you know that your body is in need of a reset? There are some specific warning signs that your body needs some extra care. ⁠

10 Reasons To Cleanse

You're exhausted all the time

Are you tired before you even get out of bed in the morning? Brain fog and lethargy your constant companions? Your body is crying out for some support!

Energy production relies on a few main factors: nutrients, hormones and fuel. But it is also sapped by problems such as inflammation, sluggish detoxification pathways and dehydration.

For you to feel energised, you need to consume the fuel and macronutrients for energy. But you also need to support your gut and liver, as they help you to absorb nutrients, balance hormones and calm inflammation. A cleanse can help you to get all of these 'ducks in a row'!

It's been a while since you've eaten your 2 + 5

Time to be honest with yourself. Are you getting in a variety of fresh foods every day? Do you smash out a cup or two of veggies with every meal? Or are you just eating the same meals day in day out?

It can be hard, especially for women who are working with a household to run and trying to feed fussy kids. You end up having to invent 4 different versions of a meal! It’s easier to stick with what works and what keeps the family happy.

But eating the same foods every day can set you up for gut issues, low immunity and poor health overall. If you’re missing out on fruit, veggies and other plants, you’re starving the good bugs that live in your gut and maintain your wellbeing.

By doing a cleanse with a clear healthy eating plan, it takes the guesswork and planning out of what to eat. I ensure that my cleanse recipes include family-friendly meals, so you don’t have to cook 4 different meals every time dinner rolls around!

Your cravings are out of control!

Do you find that somehow your favourite chocolate bar or ice-cream sneaks into the trolley every week? Does it feel like you’re going to go crazy if you can’t eat that packet of chips in the back of the cupboard?

Enjoying treats now and then is part of a balanced approach to food. But if your cravings dictate your mood and actions on a daily basis, it’s time to take back control.

Cravings can be due to factors such as blood sugar fluctuations, hormones and even an overgrowth of unhealthy gut bacteria. The good news is that a reset that nourishes the gut and liver can give you back your power.

You blame everything on 'getting older'

Have painful joints and tight muscles? Need an afternoon nap? Hair thinning out? Forgetting what you were doing the second you walk into a room?

These are all signs that society has accepted as just part of ‘getting old’. But just because a problem is common doesn't mean that it is normal. In fact, many of the things we label as 'getting old' are also symptoms of our modern diet and lifestyle.

Inflammation, gut imbalances and nutrient deficiencies can all play a role in what we write off as ‘ the ageing process’. You don’t have to accept hair loss and aching knees as inevitable!

By supporting your gut and liver with healthy habits, you can fuel your body with the nutrient it needs to thrive for decades to come.

You're struggling to lose weight

Many people have experienced a modest amount of weight gain recently due to restrictions. But if you find that the weight is just not shifting, it’s time to take a closer look.

Excess weight can be a problem in itself, but in most cases, it is a symptom of something deeper. Thyroid, hormones, stress, emotions and even gut conditions can lead to creeping weight gain.

Addressing all of these concerns start with the basics – nourishing the gut and liver, moving regularly, managing stress and sleep and introducing healthy habits. That’s why these are the core pillars of the Nurture-Reset-Come Clean-Cleanse.

Your hormones are all over the place

PMS got you eating the contents of your whole pantry each month? Dealing with annoying hot flushes or debilitating cramps? It’s time to take care of your hormones.

A healthy hormone balance relies on a healthy gut and liver. These organs reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar levels and relieve the pressure on the adrenal glands.

But the growing burden of processed foods, medications, alcohol, caffeine and other toxins piles up onto the liver. This causes excess hormones to circulate back through the body.

By supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways, a cleanse metabolises excess hormones and brings us back into hormone harmony.

'Stressed out' and 'busy' are your default settings

Isn’t everyone busy and stressed out right now? Well probably – but that doesn’t mean it’s a good place to be! If you’re describing yourself as busy and stressed on a daily basis, something needs to change.

It’s not just your mental health that suffers – it’s your gut, your immune system, your nervous system, your hormone balance and your nutrient stores. Chronic stress increases your risk of almost every single nasty chronic disease that we know about, from heart disease to diabetes, autoimmune disease and even cancer.

The problem is that stressed and busy becomes autopilot after a while. To free yourself from the never-ending treadmill of pressure, you need to reboot your body and your mind.

You need to build some healthy habits that will help you to find balance and enjoy life again. A cleanse can help you do exactly that.

A good night of sleep only happens once in a blue moon

Think that sleep simply comes down to getting enough? Think again. If you find yourself tossing and turning most nights, your gut and liver may be contributing to your sleep issues.

Trouble sleeping is multi-factorial – how you eat, what you drink, the way you move your body, your stress levels and each body system play a role in rest. Many of these also have a direct impact on your gut and liver health. This is why you might notice you sleep poorly after a few drinks, a takeaway dinner or a tummy upset.

The good news is that a cleanse can help to address many of the contributing factors to poor sleep in one go!

You have zero motivation to work towards your goals

Many women struggle to focus on their health and achieve their goals. Sometimes it is because life gets hectic and they don't have a clear-cut plan. Other times, it's because you don't know what your end goals are in the first place!

The great part about a cleanse is that you have people to keep you focused and accountable. By setting you up with small and achievable habits, we get you on track to achieving your goals one baby step at a time.

Self-care is the last priority on your to-do list

Why is it that self-care is THE hardest practice for women to implement into their daily life?

In my work, I see so many women who do next to nothing to prioritise themselves. When I ask them do they take any time for themselves, or ask them to sit quietly for a short time every day, it’s like I asked them to chop off their foot!

Unfortunately, this is only getting worse. So many women wear ‘busy’ like it’s a badge of achievement. But being so busy all the time only works for a time, until they end up in front of me feeling exhausted with adrenal fatigue, thyroid and hormonal issues.

I know what it's like to have a life that is full to the brim. In fact, I can do ‘busy’ extremely well! I wear multiple hats in my business, have 3 kids, and I can multi-task like a mofo!

But when you get so tired, cranky and are no good to anyone, then it is time to STOP. It took some time, but now I’ve learned honour my warning signs and symptoms at the first sign and pull everything back and slow down.

It’s rare that women have the core pillars of wellbeing down pat. We spend so much of our time and energy giving to those around us – our family, our friends, our work – that we have so little leftover to take care of ourselves.

If it’s time for you to prioritise yourself and your health, the Nurture-Reset-Come Clean Cleanse is for you. In just 21 days, you can walk away feeling energised, clear and motivated, with a set of healthy habits that set you up for your best life.

To learn more about the Cleanse and claim your spot, click here.


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