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12 Strange Symptoms That May Be Your Thyroid

There are symptoms that we commonly think of as being thyroid-related. Any imbalance can cause changes in weight, temperature and energy levels. But every case of thyroid dysfunction is unique. Sometimes, some strange symptoms can arise that are traced back to the thyroid.

Why the thyroid can cause strange symptoms

Simply put, the thyroid is a master switch for the body. Thyroid hormones impact on every single system of the body, from your head to your toes. So it makes sense that an imbalance of thyroid hormones can also affect any system.

Where the symptoms show up depends on the person. Many of us have one or more areas of the body where we are a little more vulnerable. This might be due to previous injury or illness, or it can be a genetic tendency. These areas are those most likely to show symptoms when the thyroid is unhappy.

Symptoms I’ve seen in practice (or experienced myself!)

Around the throat:

  • Swelling – you might know of goiters indicating thyroid disease. But even a subtle swelling or tenderness around the neck area can be a sign that your thyroid tissue is inflamed.

  • Reflux

  • Sore throat – swelling can occur in the throat as well as on the neck. This inflammation of the surrounding tissue can cause a sore, irritated throat.

  • Hoarseness – feel like you’re losing your voice regularly? The inflammation of the thyroid can affect the vocal cords as well, which can cause a hoarseness in the voice.

  • Dysphagia – ever struggled to swallow food or drink? When this happens regularly, it’s known as dysphagia. This can be a side effect of the swelling around the thyroid gland, and can be a very unpleasant experience!


  • Recurrent infections – the immune system can take a big hit when the thyroid goes out of whack, especially when autoimmunity is an issue. Infections can be viral, bacterial, fungal, or a combination of different infections.

  • Flu-like symptoms – that fluey feeling that never quite becomes an infection can also be an indicator of thyroid dysfunction in some people. One person I know found out about her thyroid cancer because she went to the doctor with flu symptoms!

  • Rash – autoimmunity can cause all kinds of overreactions of the immune system, including allergy symptoms. The most common of these is a rash.

Nervous system:

  • Poor reflexes – if thyroid hormone levels are low, the whole body slows down, and this includes the nervous system. You might find that you take a bit longer to react in situations like driving or even catching something thrown at you.

  • Sluggishness – feel like your body is stuck in slow-mo mode? It is! Your nerves are conducting information at a lower speed, and your body is producing less energy for your use. This combination can leave you feeling sluggish.


  • Poor communication – there are often emotional ties to the thyroid. One I find most common is feeling restricted in communication. This could be due to other symptoms like a sore throat, or it might be purely emotional. Either way, there seems to be a relationship between how healthy your thyroid is and how well you can communicate with others.


  • Fluid retention/swelling – the lymphatics can also slow down with low thyroid function, which can lead to a build-up in fluid in the tissues. This can leave you with swelling and water retention throughout the body.

Are you experiencing strange symptoms? The best way to pinpoint the cause is to consult a healthcare practitioner. To get to the bottom of your health issue, book in an appointment today.

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