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Does Thyroid Disease Begin In The Gut?

It’s a widely debated topic – where the thyroid goes wrong and starts to cause problems. But many holistic practitioners believe that good health starts in the gut – and the thyroid is no exception to this case. Here is why the gut will be a big focus for anyone wanting to support optimal thyroid function.

The gut’s role in thyroid health

There are many reasons why gut health is a consideration in thyroid support. Here are just a few to note:

  • Inflammation that occurs in the gut can trigger inflammation throughout the body. If someone has a vulnerable thyroid, that inflammation can cause issues.

  • An unhealthy gut will generally lead to leaky gut. Leaky gut allows particles to pass over into the body and cause immune reactions. This can be a significant factor in autoimmune disease, as well as general inflammation.

  • The gut is where we absorb almost all of our nutrient needs. So if the gut is less than optimal, we will not digest and absorb nutrients properly. This can leave the body deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals, including those involved in thyroid function.

  • A large part of the immune system is in the gut, as it is a major barrier to pathogens. So if the gut isn’t working optimally, pathogens such as viruses can take hold. This can damage immunity and cause inflammation, harming the thyroid in the process.

A major step to healing the thyroid

If you want to heal your thyroid, you need to address your gut health as part of the protocol. In utero, the gut cells and thyroid cells are the same to begin with. You also need a healthy gut in order to absorb all of the nutrients that will heal your thyroid.

How to start healing your gut

So the gut is a focus for thyroid health. But how can you start to heal it naturally? Here are the steps that my clients will take.

Remove gluten

As we’ve discussed previously, gluten is a problem in thyroid disease because of molecular mimicry. It’s also a huge factor in gut inflammation, particularly in people with autoimmune indicators.

Test for intolerances

Many individuals have other less common intolerances that can be uncovered using hair testing. Intolerances play a huge role in irritating the gut and causing inflammation. By identifying and removing these problem items, the gut has a chance to start healing.

For more information about testing food intolerances through the hair, click here.

Investigate for other gut issues

Some people may have other gut conditions that are the root, or at least an exacerbating factor, of their thyroid condition. Things such as parasites, dysbiosis and candida can throw the balance of the gut out and cause widespread inflammation. After discovering these, they must be addressed, so the gut can heal.

Support the gut function

Finally, once we’ve addressed all of the things that may be causing issues, we can start to repair the gut. Every prescription is different, but may include probiotics, prebiotics, glutamine, zinc, slippery elm and digestive enzymes.

Do you want to get on top of your gut and thyroid health? Book in an appointment today.


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