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Thyroid and Weight Issues

Thyroid and Weight Issues

Given that the thyroid is the master metabolism switch, it’s no surprise that it affects your weight. But many people are surprised to learn that their weight issues are often more to do with the thyroid than ‘failing’ at diets. So let’s look at how the thyroid can be a factor in weight issues.

Weight issues is often a symptom

The number one symptom I see people presenting with when it comes to the thyroid is weight gain.

The problem is, there is no magic bullet. There’s no diet that will magically fix your diet and help you lose weight all at once. You need to take the steps to repair the body first. Then the weight will sort itself out.

How you might be making it worse

Have you ever been on a restrictive diet? It’s common for diets to be 1200cal or sometimes even less. But what you might not realise is that this sort of restriction makes the weight problem worse.

When you restrict your diet, you stress the body and deprive it of nutrients. And when that happens, a few things happen.

  • Your T4 will stop converting to free T3 and start converting to inactive reverse T3 instead

  • The immune system can be triggered into a state of autoimmunity

  • Increased stress hormones cause inflammation and oxidative stress that damages the thyroid

  • Insufficient nutrients can inhibit every step of the thyroid process

So when you restrict your diet, you’re actually giving it the signals to hold on to more fat and damage your thyroid. That’s not the way to lose weight!

How I work with weight loss clients

As a health practitioner, I take a very holistic approach to weight loss and thyroid dysfunction. If a client comes to me, I may work on things such as:

  • Ensuring each step of the thyroid process is working optimally

  • Optimising the digestion and absorption of food so enough nutrition is getting in

  • Supporting the liver to aid conversion of T4 to free T3

  • Managing stress to reduce cortisol levels

  • Getting enough sleep to repair the body

  • Ensuring they are eating enough food!

By looking at all of these areas, and getting them back on track, the thyroid will heal. And if the thyroid heals, the weight will drop off naturally. You have to put in the work before it will correct itself!

Steps to get you started

If you think your thyroid is at the root of your weight problems, here are some things to get started with.

  1. Get your thyroid tested and work with a practitioner. It’s the best thing you can do – otherwise, you’re just stumbling around in the dark! As part of this step, you’ll also want to find out your intolerances, as they can play a role in both thyroid and weight issues.

  2. Give up the restrictive diet. You need to eat enough to nourish your body.

  3. Focus on wholefoods as the bulk of your diet. Meat, eggs, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all great wholefoods.

Ready to take control of your weight – and your thyroid – again? Book in a session to get started.

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