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The Most Important Nutrients For Your Thyroid

Thyroid Nutrients You Need To Know

It’s so common to have some kind of thyroid dysfunction these days. But often, just taking medication doesn’t fix the problem. Many people don’t realise the massive role that nutrition plays in how well your thyroid functions. So let’s look at the thyroid nutrients you need to know about.

The Four Major Thyroid Nutrients

When it comes to a happy, healthy thyroid, there are 4 main superstar nutrients.


Selenium is pretty much my favourite for getting the thyroid back on track, and it’s usually my first approach with any case. It lowers thyroid antibodies and encourages conversion from T4 to free T3.

You can find selenium in:

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Eggs

  • Brazil nuts

  • Mushrooms

  • Seeds


Another nutrient that impacts on so many factors in thyroid health is zinc. It supports conversion of thyroid hormone, and also maintains gut health. We can become depleted in zinc when under stress, and plant-based diets are often low in zinc.

You can find zinc in:

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Eggs

  • Pumpkin seeds

  • Nuts

  • Sesame seeds


The one nutrient we’ll often hear about when it comes to the thyroid is iodine. But I always prefer it to be in food rather than supplements. I find that some people respond well to high doses, and others don’t. Iodine is an important precursor that makes up thyroid hormones.

You can find iodine in:

  • Wild-caught fish

  • Shellfish

  • Seaweed

  • Wholegrains

  • Garlic

  • Asparagus


This amino acid is less popular than the other thyroid nutrients, but no less essential! It’s required for the optimal conversion of thyroid hormones in an active form. People who don’t eat enough protein may be at risk of low tyrosine levels.

You can find tyrosine in:

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Dairy products

  • Legumes

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

Thyroid Supportive Nutrients

Other nutrients that play a role in thyroid health include:

  • Iron – needed for production and conversion of thyroid hormones. Find it in meat, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.

  • Vitamin A – needed for iodine absorption. Find it in butter, eggs, avocado, carrots and sweet potato.

  • Vitamin B complex - needed for energy production and mitochondria health. Find different B vitamins in a variety of meats, seafood and plant foods.

  • Vitamin C – needed for supporting thyroid tissue and protecting from oxidative stress. Find it in citrus fruit, berries, capsicum and most vegetables.

  • Vitamin D – reduces antibody levels, encourages conversion and a healthy hormone balance. Find it in the sunshine, plus eggs and oily fish.

  • Magnesium – needed for energy production, stress and cofactors for many reactions in the body. Find it in green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, cocoa and legumes.

How do I use these nutrients?

Every thyroid case is different, with a different cause and different factors. If you aren’t sure of your diagnosis and what nutrients suit best, your best bet is to get these nutrients through diet.

If you think you need therapeutic levels of any nutrients, you’ll want to work with a practitioner. As trained professionals, we can help you to find the best practitioner-level supplements to support your body and your thyroid.

Want to know which nutrients and foods will help heal your thyroid?

Book in an appointment today, and we can work together to rebuild your health with food.


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