Is Your Thyroid Bringing You Down? with Tara Nelson and Eddie Donato

Eddie Donato from TheEDTalks interviews me on thyroid health and we discuss all things thyroid, including how just being on thyroxine will NOT fix your thyroid.

Why so many thyroid disorders are going undiscovered and poorly treated with Tara Nelson and 

After many years of seeing loads of thyroid conditions in my clinic, I went into research further education in order to create better outcomes in the most complex patients. This podcast will look at the definitions for hyperthyroisidm, hypothyroidism, and autoimmune thyroid disorders like Graves and Hashimotos disease as well as the signs and symptoms of hyper and hypothyroidism and what the other thyroid markers mean, like T4, T3, and Reverse T3.

Thyroid Dysfunction: Upskill and Identify with Tara Nelson

FxMedicine Host Andrew Whitfield-Cook and I discuss what led me into specialising in thyroid health and helping patients navigate these waters. This podcast will also teach health professionals how to better identify pathology and contributors to thyroid dysfunction, what the red flags are and how to craft a multi-layered patient-centric approach to restore patient health. 

How To Identify And Treat Thyroid Dysfunction with Tara Nelson

Lynda Griparic and I discuss why there is a big increase in thyroid disorders, the main triggers of thyroid dysfunction as well as the interplay between cortisol and the thyroid, what to test if compromised thyroid function is suspected and topics like why your GP may have barriers to testing the full thyroid profile​.


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